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Patient-centered Care

At RehabWell Physiotherapy, our treatment plans are based on your specific lifestyle needs to help you get out of pain, regain mobility and enjoy a good quality of life. Following are various therapeutic techniques that our physiotherapists incorporate in their treatment plans. 


Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy involves a skilled hands-on approach to assess and treat muscles and joint condition, reduce pain, restore range of motion, restore muscle flexibility, reduce ​inflammation, induce relaxation, and restore maximum function. The techniques include spinal traction, specific vertebral movements, bone and joint manipulation and mobilizations.

Child Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy services include treatment and prevention of sports and athletic injuries. We use athletic taping, Kinesio taping (also called K-tape), stretching techniques (including soft tissue release), targeted muscle strength techniques, modalities, specialized musculoskeletal bracing, training of proper lifting and body mechanics techniques to help our clients return to active sport. We also provide education and equip you with techniques and strategies to prevent future injuries. 


Soft Tissue Release/IASTM (instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization)

Soft tissue release and IASTM are hands-on technique with immediate effects on muscle and soft tissue. These techniques involve application of massage, stretching and myofascial release by physiotherapist with or without assistance from the patient. The results are quick effective and help correct muscle imbalances and return muscles to optimal performance length. These techniques can be used for various muscles and tendons particularly hamstrings muscle, Achilles tendon (for Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis), ​hip flexors (for groin pain), lateral epicondyle muscles (for tennis elbow), piriformis muscle (for sciatic pain), trapezius muscle (to release neck pain and secondary headaches) and various sports injuries.


Therapeutic Modalities (electrotherapy)

Electrotherapeutic modalities are used in conjunction with other therapy techniques to help manage pain, enhance tissue repair, reduce inflammation, re-educate muscles and decrease inflammation. We use ​Therapeutic Ultrasound, Interferential Current (IFC), Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulator (TENS), moist heat and ice to treat various injuries, pain and inflammatory ​conditions. 

Physical Therapy Session

Exercise Therapy

Exercises speed up the recovery process, promote tissue healing and help reduce pain and inflammation. All our treatment plans include prescription of an exercise program. RehabWell therapists prescribe condition-specific exercises which are progressed as your condition improves. Our clinic is equipment with exercise equipment like treadmill, recumbent bike, Bosu ball, Swiss balls, weights and latex-free exercise bands, etc.  You will also be given home exercise program. We use a well-known exercise prescription website MedBridge Education to provide you with a print-out for home exercises which can be reviewed on an online portal in seconds to ensure correct exercise technique at home. Our philosophy is less is better and therefore we only prescribe 3-5 exercises that can be easily performed at home.


Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular rehabilitation is treatment of a condition which primarily occurs in the inner ear system. This condition is called Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) or commonly Vertigo. Most common symptoms are vertigo, dizziness, vomiting, nausea and loss of balance. 

Our therapists use various manual therapy techniques and specialized exercise program to help recover from vertigo. 

Image by Ben Hershey

Concussion Management

When a concussion, be it from sports injury or a car accident, doest not resolve in 2-4 weeks it is termed as Post concussion syndrome. These symptoms may be a result of cervical spine muscle and joint injury, visual and vestibular system dysfunctions. Symptoms of post concussion syndrome can be treated by trained physiotherapists. Our therapists perform a through assessment to identify dysfunctions caused by the concussion and design an appropriate treatment plan to help gradually return to active life. 

Reiki Treatment

TMJ Therapy (Temporomandibular joint therapy)

Temporomandibular joint pain, commonly TMJ pain, is a condition that may cause pain in one of both sides of jaw, headaches, neck pain, difficulty chewing and bitting. There are multiple reasons of this condition. An assessment is performed to identify the cause of TMJ pain which may include tight or weak jaw muscles, tight neck muscles, arthritic joint changes in jaw. Treatment plan will include manual mobilizations of the joint, soft tissue release of the muscles, acupuncture, therapeutic ultrasound and an exercise program. 

Senior Physiotherapy

Post-operative Rehab

We provide post operative rehabilitation for hip and knee joint replacement, shoulder replacement, knee surgery and any other joint surgeries. Our therapists will provide and perform pain management techniques and education, scar mobilization and passive range of motion techniques to regain joint mobility as early as recommended by your surgeon. We then use joint mobilizations and progressive range of motion techniques, graduated strength and functional exercises to regain as much function and mobility as possible. 

Walking Sticks

Urban Poling/Nordic Walking

Urban poling, also known as Nordic walking, is a walking activity that includes using two walking poles, which are like the poles used in cross-country skiing. This form of activity was originated in Finland and used for cross-country ski training in the off-season. Scientific evidence suggests that Nordic Walking is a simple, safe yet effective form of exercise with additional benefits when compared with regular walking because:
(1) It can target up to 90% of your body’s muscles, especially your core muscles.
(2) It can burn up to 67% more calories.
(3) It can reduce the joint stress in your feet, knees, and hips.
(4) It can improve your balance and decrease your risk of falling.
(5) It can improve your posture and symmetric gait patterns.
(6) It can give you extra support if you are having difficulty maintaining balance.
We also use activator techniques and pole exercises for various conditions. They can help improve your gait patterns after hip and knee replacement, improve your balance if you experience fear of falling or balance issues, improve your upright posture if you have poor posture, and reduce your joint pain if you have hip and knee osteoarthritis.
At RehabWell Physiotherapy, urban polling activator techniques and pole exercises are offered as a part of physiotherapy treatments if deemed suitable for your condition by your physiotherapist.

Online Yoga

Virtual Physiotherapy

We also offer TeleRehab (virtual) physiotherapy consultation. This online appointment can be done on your cell phone, tablet or computer via a secure and privacy-compliant application from the comfort of your home. You will be connected 1:1 to our physiotherapist at RehabWell Physiotherapy who will assess your symptoms and limitations in movement, provide exercises, education and self-management techniques (including pain management). Virtual appointment is an excellent alternative to in-clinic appointment. Contact us at 613 372 1986 or email to discuss whether you would benefit from an online consultation with RehabWell physiotherapist.

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