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Latif Khoja PT, CAFCI, MSc

Registered Physiotherapist and Clinic Director

Latif has BSc in Physiotherapy from Karachi Pakistan and MSc Rehabilitation Science from Queen's University at Kingston. 

He has taken various post-graduate courses in manual therapy, spinal and joint manipulation, acupuncture, dry needling (FDN), intramuscular stimulation (IMS), taping, soft tissue release, Mulligan's Concept - Mobilizations with Movement therapy, concussion assessment and rehabilitation, running assessment, balance and mobility tests for older adults. 

Latif is also associated with Queen's University as a Clinical Instructor in the MSc Physiotherapy Program. He is the recipient of Queen's University 2020 Clinic Education Award in Physical Therapy.

He has been involved in various research projects studying osteoarthritis, gait analysis, strength training, electromyography (EMG), dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

He is a firm believer that enhancing clinical skills is a lifelong endeavour.​

In his spare time, Latif likes to play badminton and enjoy outdoor fun activities with his two little ones.

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