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Physiotherapy Clinic

​​​Latif Khoja PT, CAFCI, MSc
Physiotherapist and Clinic Director; 
Adjunct 1 Faculty, Queen's University

Latif has a BSc degree in Physiotherapy from University of Karachi, Pakistan and MSc degree in Rehabilitation Science from Queen's University at Kingston. He has been practicing physiotherapy in Kingston area since 2009 in private practice, long term care and retirement homes. He has been involved in various research projects studying osteoarthritis, gait analysis, strength training, electromyography (EMG), dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

​Latif is also associated with Queen's University as an Adjunct 1 Faculty, Clinic Instructor, and Academic Assistant in the MSc Physiotherapy Program.

Latif has taken various continuing education courses in manual therapy, spinal and joint manipulation, acupuncture, dry needling (FDN), intramuscular stimulation (IMS), taping, soft tissue release, balance and mobility tests for older adults, Mulligan's Concept - Mobilizations with Movement therapy, concussion assessment and rehabilitation, and running assessment. He is also an Authorizer for Assistive Devices Program (ADP) offered by Ministry of Health and Long Term Care,Ontario.
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Cassandra Mol 
Certified Athletic Therapist and Physiotherapy Assistant

Cassandra is a certified athletic therapist and has an undergraduate degree in Athletic therapy from Sheridian College. She has extensive athletic therapy experience from working at various sports therapy clinics. She has also taken soft tissue release course which she uses in her treatments in addition to taping and exercise prescription. She provides pre and post concussion assessment services for sports teams using reliable and valid outcome measures.
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​Kristin Findlay PTA

Clinic Administrator and Physiotherapy Assistant

Kristin has degree in OT and PT assistant and has worked as a Physiotherapy assistant at nursing homes and private practices. Kristin looks after clinic's day-to-day activities including

scheduling appointments, working with third party payors, liaising with adjudicators for WSIB, MVA and other company clients.

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